Reasons Why People Change Their Names

Reasons Why People Change Their Names

People are allowed to change their names for one reason or another. At times it could be just changing names or for any other reason. In both cases changing names is perfectly legal unless it is for fraudulent purposes.

Deceptive name change might result into various financial loses affecting both the third party and the commission. Otherwise you can swiftly change your name to begin a new life. Here are the reasons why someone could change their names.


Most women take their husbands name after marriage. In the event they divorce or separate, she can decide to reclaim her maiden name or change names entirely. Name change after divorce is different depending on the state.

Some states may make it easy to reclaim your name while others takes time. Ensure you check laws that govern your state before a name change.

Changing a Child’s Surname

In a case where the father to a child is absent, mothers usually change their surnames to her name. In the event that the father comes to the picture, the child’s surname can be changed to that of his/her father.

Dislike of a Name

At times people simply change their names because they dislike their current names. It is perfectly legal to have a totally different name for identity unless it is suspicious. Some change their names because they would like a more unique name.

However, others change their names because they don’t want to have a unique name. It all depends on the personal interest and desires of an individual. Others might feel that their names are embarrassing usually when they are mispronounced all the time.

Less or More Ethnic Name

People with names that can be identified ethnically may decide to have a name change. Some may change because of mispronunciation while others others don’t want to be identified by their names.

On the other hand, some people may change their names to reclaim a surname that was forgotten years ago. They feel like they are reclaiming their heritage to have a sense of belonging.

For religious reasons

It is common for people to change their names due to religious activities. Whether it is because of honoring a religious miracle or for a religious conversion these name changes occur everyday.


After getting married most women take their husbands name as their surname. As much as it is not mandatory, a number of these cases are very common. It is a traditional choice that most married women do. You will have to register to go through the process of legally changing names. You will use your marriage certificate for a legal name change and updating official records.

Political Statement

As much as it can seem absurd or extreme to change names due to political reasons, it does happen. Some people change their names to support a specific political cause.

Entertainment Purposes

People in the entertainment industry who wants to legalize their stage name may do so if they wish to. Actors, singers and other celebrities may change their names to have their stage names as official names.

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