Empowering Customers and dramatically reducing operational costs

With Azzurri’s comUnity® platform our customers gain total control of their communication estate and significantly reduce their overall communications spend. We specialise in providing value to companies with lean IT resources which enables IT within these organisations to focus on doing what they do best – driving strategic business benefit.

With a myriad of challenges facing most mid-sized organisations today there are key areas of operations where top-level managed service providers can add real value. These pressures include:

  1. Pressure on IT to drive greater value in the business
  2. Limited IT resources are focused on the day-to-day which constrains strategic planning
  3. Increasing popularity of cloud services
  4. Proliferation of social media increasing security issues

Many companies are spending a large amount of time focused on fire fighting issues at the data network layer, or making sure communication tools are fit for purpose with very little time thinking strategically and working on best-practise methodology. Azzurri commonly observes IT departments spending 60-70% of their time working on the network and infrastructure, approximately 30% on the communications tools and only 10% on the people, processes and policies. However companies should be trying to reverse this trend primarily focusing on people, processes and policy, followed by communications and collaboration tools.

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By effectively off-loading the responsibility for infrastructure and communication services to Azzurri our customers can free up precious resources. We can work closely with you to set up and deliver a strategic roadmap that relieves many of these pressures; controls the security holes; helps free up precious IT resource and drives significant savings across your voice and data estate.

Through comUnity Data we look after the network and provide the best foundations at the right price. We select best of breed products and services to provide customised solutions and manage the communications strategy and service delivery, taking away the pain of dealing with carrier service providers and ensuring delivery of the optimum solution every time. On top of this we can overlay feature rich business grade comUnity Voice and comUnity UC solutions that allows staff to communicate and collaborate across sites on a single network. While, with comUnity View you gain access to an online portal to view, control and manage all your communications.

The result is that IT departments are free to become a real value centre for the business and a strategic asset.

For more information on the benefits that our managed services can deliver please read our executive white paper:

The benefits of managed services for mid-sized business. The paper discusses the common challenges faced by mid-sized enterprises delivering valuable IT Systems and communication services and how a managed service provider can play a critical role in moving IT departments from a functional cost centre to a value centre for the business.