Guide to Family Law

Guide to Family Law

Is the thought of becoming a lawyer in your mind? Do you know what it takes to become a successful family lawyer? This guide seeks to demystify what is perceived as a difficult area of study. You will learn the diverse areas of family law so that you fully understand whether you want to become a family solicitor or another area of legal practice. Family law is popular but it is an area filled with emotional moments especially when a family union is tearing apart and going through a divorce process and other family disputes that life has to offer.

Who is a family lawyer?

A legal professional focusing on finding legal solutions to legal relationships including marriages, parenthood, and more. For this reason, a family lawyer can expect to work with people from all walks of life including children. Since this area of law deals with the most emotive and personal aspects of clients, it needs patient and accommodative people to practice. The degree level of this field involves the study of sociology and law application.

Topics in family law

As stated earlier, family law is a diverse professional field, and it means topics studied in one university may vary from another but most feature the common topics such as divorce, marriage, parenthood, and children. Common examples of topics include;

  •  Dissolution, divorce, separation, and financial obligations
  •  Parentage responsibilities, residence, surrogacy, adoption, child neglect or abduction, and other cases related to children
  • Child rights considering their capability to make informed choices
  • Domestic abuse
  •  Family obligations considering treaties like ECHR
  • Socio-legal aspects of the law and whether the law is doing enough in the modern societies
  • The state and the family law, how legal agencies provide care and remedy to families under siege, and how these agencies provide protection and care to the casualties of family disputes who are often the children.

How to determine whether family law is the right course

To become a family lawyer there are certain characteristics you must have for a successful family law career. The most important thing is that you must have passion and have relevant working experience. You must prepare your mind and body to work with clients face to face because this career requires that you deal with both adult cases and cases involving children. You must be a people person to become a successful family law professional.

The roles of a family lawyer

As a practitioner of Gold Coast family law, your major role is to make clients know their standing position where there is disagreement or family dissolution. They also draft prenuptial agreements before families tie knots to protect parties against financial interests from gold diggers and also draft separation agreements between parties that have decided enough is enough. They also help advise parties on financial settlement when the divorce process is initiated. In families where parties are parting ways, family lawyers help in matters such as contact and access to residence and matters to do with child upbringing. Family lawyers are the ones who place court orders on cases they are working on and they stand in on behalf of their clients in court and advise their clients accordingly during court proceedings. And investigate and research cases that might be similar to those presented by their clients, the verdict to improve their chances of winning the case in favour of their clients.

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